About us

In 2022 we started thinking about a way to made communities interact one with each others. We loved meeting people and talk with them in real life, so we want to be part of that and helps everyone (specially our beloved mutants and apes that love our beer) to have fun and enjoy in every moment.

That's why we create Mutants Beer, with the aim to be part of the change to empower people and communities in the journey of a correct use of technology in this new revolution. We contribute with conversations, contacts and strong confidence between individuals and communities, wich we think is the base for any technology progress and work-groups.

Of course we need to talk about Yuga Labs, our guide in all this journey and the first ones in making history helping people to think there are other ways to do what we was used to do around technology. As Mutants and Bored holders we want our mutants brothers to be part of this change, and help people around the world (everywhere we go) to understand the message: Communities are all about giving good things to people, this way if one progress, all of us progress and as we say "Apes together strong".