What % vol of alcohol does our beer has?

Our beer has 4.5% vol of alcohol

Paracelsus said "Poison is not the substance but the dose" and he was right.

A drop of saliva from an Amazon poison frog kills an elephant, but one ten-thousandth of that drop cures heart disease in humans with heart problems.

Six liters of water consumed in one hour dilutes the blood, causing hyponatremia, however, we need water every day to live.

Alcohol causes millions of deaths a year and major social problems, especially in men. So, drink responsibly and don't die before its your time.

A good tip is to halve the dose and multiply the quality by two. Repeat the process as many times as you want. It is important that if you detect abuse in consumption, put yourself in the hands of a specialist.

Why are we more expensive than industrial beer?

More flavor, more aroma, more varieties, more quality.

Craft beer is completely different from industrial beer.

Craft beer is made with a focus on maintaining high quality standards, not on lowering production costs. That is why it does not contain corn (which is used to feed animals), nor does it go through a standardization process.

That's why it is made in smaller batches with high-quality ingredients and is not pasteurized. Pasteurization causes the nutritional properties of the beer to be lost.

What differential value does mutant beer provide?

We love craft beer and that's why we brew a beer that we love xDD.

There are many other great craft beers on the market and we love the variety. More variety in beer means more decentralization there. Decentralization matters.

So, what does mutants beer provide differently?

We accompany you on your journey into the depths of web3 with the history of apes and their learning. We connect people and convey the right message while enjoying drinking.

Our mission is to empower people and communities by bringing the right narrative and fundamentals. Discover what the apes do and learn what is being built here.

We are a bridge of communication between what happens within our community and the outside world. There is a lot of value that needs to be exported elsewhere.

Look closely at the more than 30 labels, talk and investigate. Read our emails, we will only send interesting things and share value with people who drink our beer.

Enjoy drinking in moderation while staying away from short-term dynamics that will only cause you to make bad decisions.

Of course, we also drive mass adoption, you know that web2 people have a universe to discover here.

What is BAYC and why does it matter?

BAYC is web3 icon. It is part of the culture and history that marks the vibe of this movement. It is the battering ram of NFTs as a Trojan horse for an entire ecosystem to break the wall.

What already exists today around this community is overwhelming, the vibe is amazing. A community full of builders, visionaries, dreamers, artists, degens and web3 technology lovers. Collective decentralized brand building takes place every day around the world with initiatives like MBA.

Where can I buy beer?

You can buy beer online when available or drink it in a IRL event.

Also in some special places that we publish on social media.

We are growing organically by making sure that the people and places that have been supporting us from the beginning can have access to it.

Currently we open the sale occasionally at certain times so we advise you to keep an eye on our social media. You can write to us a DM and we will keep you informed.

Where can you send beer?

We are located in Spain and we ship to the countries of the European Union.

UK and Switzerland have their own regulations, we do not currently ship to there.

Why is it green?

The original BAYC apes drank a mutant serum and from there the MAYC collection was born. It is part of our history as a community.

Half of the serums were given free of charge to the holders, the other half was sold to the public, serving to capitalize the club at the begining.

We inspired in the original recipe for St. Patrick's Day in Ireland, a celebration in which green beer waters the entire region.

Why do we say it is premium?

We focus on quality. We spent months putting together all the pieces of the puzzle.

It is the best beer that we could brew together with a team of experts, highly qualified with extensive experience in the field. Taste it and you will discover its flavor!

What kind of beer is it?

Lager, gluten free, smooth and fresh.

Other craft beers are characterized by very intense flavors that many people are not used to.

Our beer is designed so that anyone will love it, allowing them to enter the world of craft beer while enjoying it.

What can we expect for the future with mutantsbeer?

We have some plans that have not been revealed yet.

We prefer to cook slowly and not make promises, let the facts speak for us. The more value we provide to our beer lovers, the more value we receive in return.

Why don't we have an NFT collection at the moment?

There is a justified lack of trust in NFTs for the general population, the space is saturated and many things have been done wrong. We do not want to contribute to the narrative of speculation.

But we are web3 natives, which is why we chose to distribute POAP to attendees at our events throughout 2023. This is a good way to network with the community and include high-energy newcomers. and interest in deepening web3.

The POAP is a Souldbound token, it cannot be traded, it costs no money to mint and is perfect for O.G. and newcomers. Of course it allows us to know the wallets of our beer lovers.

Do we accept returns?

Unfortunately at this time we cannot accept returns, but if you are not satisfied please contact us and we will try to see if we could compensate it anyform.

Why do we use tokenproof?

Tokenproof is widely known in the web3 ecosystem. It allows you to validate the ownership of a token without exposing the asset to any risk. If you don't have it yet, you can download the application and use it for free.

The process to add your wallet is very simple and you can find it at tokenproof.xyz. As a curiosity, the founder and CEO Fonz is also an ape.

Is it only for apes?

No. Web3 is not about being elite but about a paradigm shift that transforms the future. Our beer is inclusive and available to any O.G. or any newcomer.

We include other collections in the labels because together, we have a story to tell the world: The true story of NFTs.

Can I include my ape in the cans?

Contact us and we will tell you about our plans to push the development of intellectual property with mutantsbeer.

Currently first wave of ambassadors is already closed but without a doubt some surprises await for the future.

Can I include other collections in the cans?

We are very strict on this point since we do not use labels for collection launches or promotions. Our labels make visible the cultural movement behind NFTs, so some additional collections will be joined in the future.

We'll only include things you'd really like to tell a friend about.

The projects included in the cans currently are: BAYC, MAYC, Boring Security, Mutant Hounds, Coolcats, Deadfellaz, WoW, Mr Crypto, Fang Gang, Nanoz.

If you have any other question, please feel free to ask and we will try to answer ASAP.